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Happy People

Why Choose Legacy Place Parma?

People choose Legacy Place Parma for many different reasons - extra large suites, proximity to friends and family, the ability to bring a beloved pet. But after living here, almost everyone agrees - it's the caring staff and the ability to live life to it's fullest, that makes Legacy Place Parma the perfect choice.


Located in Cleveland Ohio's southern suburbs, Legacy Place Parma is convenient to shopping, restaurants, hospitals and cultural activities. Facility Tour

Legacy Place invites you to get to know us better.

Choosing a new home, or even a place for a short stay, is not a choice to be made lightly. Come visit Legacy Place Parma today and see for yourself how easy and pleasant life can be.

  • Come for a tour and stay for lunch or dinner. Bring a friend or family - or dine with our residents and staff.
  • Spend a morning, an afternoon or the whole day with us enjoying our special activities and events - or join us for one of our monthly entertainment socials.
  • Want to try us on for size? Come stay at Legacy Place Parma for a 3 day, 2 night stay in one of our comfortable, furnished suites. The cost is only $99 per night - plus charges for medical or personal assistance services if needed.

Room Prices

  • At Legacy Place Parma, we know your living needs could change at any time, that's why we charge by the day, not by the month or year.
  • At Legacy Place Parma, there is no long term lease to sign, and only a $500 deposit.
  • Our suites start at $100 per day - $3,000 per month. Suites and cost vary by size.
  • Medical and personal assistance services are extra and depend on personal requirements.

For more information, or to schedule a tour of our assisted living facility, please call:

Cindy Rudolph, RN

Phone: 440-845-0200


Valerie Farkas

Phone: 440-724-0242


Legacy Place Parma has many activities designed to keep our senior residents happy and active.
Holidays are always exciting at Legacy Place Parma. Here, a local women's group joins Legacy Place residents to make table decorations for an upcoming Easter luncheon.
The assisted living suites at Legacy Place Parma near Cleveland Ohio are larger than most suites. This in turn gives our assisted living residents a sense of being at home
Suites at Legacy Place Parma are much larger than most. Want to dine in, sort through photos or play board games? Legacy Place gives you the room to enjoy the things you love to do.
Legacy Place Parma allows residents to bring their own furniture from home. Our Assisted Living suites can also be decorated to each residents individual tastes
Somehow, nothing is quite as comfortable as your own bed. At Legacy Place Parma you can bring your own furniture from home - and decorate to suit your own personal taste.
The residents at Legacy Place Parma enjoy various activities at our facility located near Cleveland, Ohio
There's nothing like a bake sale to get those digestive juices flowing. it's even better when when you don't have to go any further than your own activity room to stock up on party snacks.
Our residents at Legacy Place Parma have freedom to do whatver they like. Our assisted living facilities are located in Parma, Ohio
Like to stay in at night and watch TV with a friend? At Legacy Place Parma there's room for everyone to enjoy a big comfy chair.
Legacy Place Parma has a variety of serices for old and young residents. Our rehabilitation services accomodate those recovering from many medical issues or setbacks
One of the best things about Legacy Place Parma is our mix of residents. Some are old, some are young and some are in between. Our excellent rehabilitation services make us the perfect choice for those recovering from knee surgery, heart attack, stroke, or any other medical setback.
Legacy Place Parma has many meal choices for a variety of dietary needs. We also have a caring staff that will be there for anything our senior residents need
Eating balanced and healthy meals is key to keeping ourselves alert and well. Having a caring friend to help and talk to makes it much more pleasant.
The residents of Legacy Place Parma enjoy many special events and parties. Legacy Place Parma is located in northeast ohio and is an assisted living facility for short term and long term stays
Special events are the norm at Legacy Place Parma. When is the last time you had roasted pig or tasted poi? Come join us for our next Hawaiian Luau and enjoy!
Our assisted living facility in Parma Ohio has many fun activities for our residents and their families. Contact us to arrange for a facility tour.
So you thought 'Balloon the Clown' was just for kids! Actually the grandmas and grandpas celebrating 'balloon day' enjoyed him just as much as the kids.
Our elderly residents enjoy the many activites Legacy Place Parma has. This leads to a greater quality of life for our residents
You might think these two are smiling for the camera. Actually, they're totally engrossed in watching a Hawaiian hula group perform.
The residents of Legacy Place Parma can take part in any of the activites that we offer.
Happiness is having a talking bird on your shoulder. This bird and others from a local children's zoo was visiting Legacy Place for a party with kids from a Parma day care center.
At Legacy Place Parma you can learn to paint, experience a Hawiian Luau (with authentic Hawaiin food) and even have a cute bird sit on their shoulder. These activities and many more are what set Legacy Place Parma Assisted Living apart from other assisted living facilities.
Have you ever wanted to learn to paint? Living at Legacy Place Parma gives you the opportunity do the things you've always wanted to do.