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Happy People

Why Choose Legacy Place Parma?

"I love living at Legacy Place Parma. They offer all of the services I need to continue living the active life I enjoy. My friends and family are close by and I don't have to worry about cleaning, cooking dinner or arranging transportation whenever I want to go out."


Food and Dining

Close up of our 'Dinner in Rio' main course.

Our cozy private dining room.

Many of our residents love living at Legacy place because there's always something new and exciting to eat. In addition to three hearty, home cooked meals a day, there are always snacks available - 24 hours a day. Need a special diet? Our magic kitchen crew can make even the most limited diet tasty and delicious.


Special Events

At Legacy Place we focus on being happy - and since yummy food usually makes us happy, we include it in most of our many events. We go to the park, cook hamburgers and pig out on smores. On halloween, we invite the kids for a party and we all eat way to much candy. Love that super bad for you food at the county fair? No problem, we jump on the bus and eat funnel cakes and hot dogs on a stick.


Nights Out at Legacy

One of our favorite dinners at Legacy is our monthly Nights Out dinner. It's always a theme dinner and it's always especially delicious. It might be an Evening in Paris or an Island Adventure. This month it was Dinner in Rio in honor of the Olympics.

Visits to Restaurants and Events

No matter how good the food at home is, it always fun to go out. At Legacy, our comfortable, wheel chair equipped bus makes it easy for us to travel to favorite restaurants and special events. Lunch at the Sword and Shield, a picnic at Huntington Beach, a trip to the fair - it's all on the agenda.

Legacy Private Dining

No need to feel bad for friends and family because you get to eat great food every day and never have to cook or clean up. Our private dining room allows you to entertain, throw a birthday party or entertain your bridge club - and best of all, you don't have to cook, set the table or clean up the dishes.


Dining in and around Legacy Place Parma

Carmen the cook preparing a Night Out in Rio dinner. Irving enjoying the Night Out in Rio dinner. Apple enjoying ribs at Parma's Rock and Rib event. Getting snacks ready for a Cleveland Indians party.
Helena cooking marshmallows for smores at our Huntington Beach picnic. Not the prettiest hamburger in the world but Judy swears it was the best! There is nothing as delicious as an artery clogging, hot dog on a stick!