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Happy People

Why Choose Legacy Place Parma?

"I love living at Legacy Place Parma mostly because of all of the wonderful people that work here. I wake up every morning knowing there will be a friendly face to greet me at breakfast - or someone there to make sure I've got a warm jacket for an afternoon trip to the park".


Hospice Care at Legacy Place Parma

I really appreciate my hospice care givers - it seems they are always there if I need someone to talk to or ask for advice. I also rest easier knowing they are there to give my family the support and loving care they need.

What is Hospice?

Hospice is a service that provides specific end of life care that focuses on pain and symptom management, emotional support, spiritual support and support for families and loved ones.

Hospice can be provided wherever the patient is most comfortable - usually at home, in a hospital, a nursing home or assisted living.

Legacy Place Parma and Pleasantview Care Center, both provide hospice services through a number of different hospice providers. While hospice does not pay nursing home or assisted living costs, there is no additional cost to use hospice services.

The staff at Pleasantview and Legacy work together with the hospice company and the family to coordinate the services the patient needs to live fully and comfortably to the end.

To learn more about hospice at Legacy or Pleasantview please call and ask to speak with the Hospice Coordinator.

440 -845-0200


Hospice care update:

Of interest to our Catholic Residents, Crossroads Hospice (one of the hospices we use at Pleasantview Care Center), has hired a new Catholic chaplain - Sister Donna. For those that seek solace within their Catholic faith, Sister Donna is a very welcome addition.